In 2015 TruTrade traded in six types of cereal crops including white sorghum, red sorghum, barley, maize, millet and wheat. Cereals made up just under 60% of our trade by crop value and 65% by crop volume. White sorghum accounted for a significant proportion of this trade.


White Sorghum

Sustainable sourcing for breweries

An increasing number of global businesses recognize the importance of building sustainable supply chains. TruTrade provides a sourcing service from our trader networks that ensures volume, quality and reliability.


Focus on milling brings rewards

Jacinta Namubiru is a TruTrade franchisee and a manager of AgriNet Uganda. She also manages an agro-processing business called AgriFeeds in Tororo. In 2015, Jacinta concentrated on processing maize and creating fine posho for the local BOP market.