TruTrade enables efficient supply chain management. We take time to understand our buyers’ sourcing requirements so that they get products of the right quality and volumes, and that delivery is timely and reliable. We provide transparency, enabling buyers to see the full value chain and trace produce from farm to factory or retail outlet.

Our buyers fall into the following categories:

Base-of-Pyramid (BOP) Consumers. We see most potential to grow our business through linking smallholders to the large number of low income consumers in the regions’ growing towns and cities. We are developing distribution networks to supply vendors and retail outlets that serve people in informal settlements and poorer areas of towns. Their customers buy small amounts on a regular basis and value safe and hygienic food. The outlets often have limited storage space and need frequent and regular deliveries. See Impact story on BOP marketing.

Scaled processors. Ranging from East African Breweries in Uganda to Makueni Ginnery in Kenya, our growing logistical and financial capacity enables us to meet the demand for volume from larger buyers, often sourcing crops from several of our networks.  We work with buyers who recognize the importance of a strong relationship with their suppliers and who value the kind of information we can share on farmer price and locations.

Premium buyers. TSS enables origination and traceability that means we can meet the demand of high-end buyers who want to source certified GAP, fair trade or organic produce.

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