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Mrs. Beatrice A. Obara (MBA) is a Transaction Security Service (TSS) franchise holder for TruTrade. Beatrice has been a director of Dedeby Green Ventures Capital Ltd (DGV) since 2009. The company, based in Kenya, provides value chain financing and market linkages in the agricultural sector, specialising in cotton. Beatrice has over 27 years experience in group management, cooperatives and micro-finance, banking, capacity building and training.

Dedeby Green Ventures Capital

DGV has experience in development and support of the Medium and Small Enterprise (MSE) sector in Kenya. Capacity is built along selected value chains through working with agricultural entrepreneurs to improve management, access to financial services, product development and packaging and market linkages. DGV helps farmers realize the benefits of being part of a value chain and to get better prices for their produce.

The Cotton Value Chain and Partnerships

DGV is currently concentrating on the cotton value chain and is committed to revitalise this sector in Western Kenya. Since 2009 Makueni Ginneries has provided the main market for the sale of raw cotton.  KCB, K-REP and Metropolitan Sacco, have been financial partners. The Cotton Development Authority (CODA), now AFFA and county governments regulate the prices at which raw seed cotton is bought and provides cotton seeds which DGV distributes to farmers each season for planting.  DGV also works with the Better Cotton Initiative to promote measurable improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas.

Cotton Farmer Groups

Our farmer groups in Western Kenya cover seven counties. Six of them are active in cotton production: Homa Bay; Migori; Kisumu; Siaya; Busia and Bungoma. We have demonstration cotton plots in the counties of Siaya, Kisumu, Bungoma and Homa Bay. We work with five Co-operative Unions and 56 Self Help Groups together making a total of 3,180 farmers. The areas under cultivation for cotton have dropped over the past decade due to uncertain markets. We are focused on increasing this; the 2015-16 has however been a challenge with the delayed rains and El Nino resulting in only 4500 acres. The same land is used for food crops on a rotational basis.

Managing the Value Chain

DGV has 21 sourcing agents with 7 main collections points and 28 sub-stores. Here the agents check the quality, weigh and tag the bags. The cotton is transported from the fields to the collection centres by donkey, on bicycles, motorcycles or pick-ups and from there is transported by lorry to the ginneries in Meru and Makueni.

Recent Trade Records for DGV

The estimated trading figures for raw seed cotton in 2014 were 243,000 kgs @ 42/ per kg (approx. US$100,000). In 2015 the total seed cotton sourced was 146,000 kgs @42 - 43/ per kg (approx. US$60,000). In addition to this income, in 2015 the government gave DGV an order to deliver cotton seed for planting to farmers in seven counties, which brought DGV a gross revenue for of approximately US$54,000.

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