Traders and brokers face many challenges in carrying out their business especially in the more remote areas with poor roads, few transport options and limited capital.  Being a middleman is hard work and risky without the right logistics and investment.

TruTrade’s franchise package provides an attractive business opportunity for traders in rural areas. Removing the headaches of finding buyers, sourcing working capital and managing buyer relationships allows franchisees to focus on what they do best - increasing volumes of high quality produce. Our aggregators are often young people and we are actively engaging more women.

Farmer organisations (cooperatives/associations) already bulk produce from members and look for markets. However, many struggle to grow and sustain these services. They often don’t know where the buyers are, what buyers need and how to engage with them. Members often have high expectations for the associations to be able to market their products at the right time and at the best price. When the members’ expectations are not met, they withdraw from the associations and/or side sell their crops individually to the next buyer.  As a result, many farmer organisations lose members and fail to sustain their services and incomes.

Becoming a TruTrade franchisee can change farmer associations’ capacity - from ad-hoc, limited and free/at cost function to providing a market brokerage service to their members in a commercially sustainable manner. Our trademark transparency means that farmer organisations generate a clear revenue stream for their services, which is visible and clearly agreed with their members. Some farmer organisations have assets for value addition, many of which are under-utilised. TruTrade’s business model means that these assets can be deployed within a functioning value chain, paid for as part of deals and capturing a greater share of value add for members.

Our TSS franchise redefines the business potential of aggregators.

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